There are five types of cell phone jammers

Smartphones are more than just communication tools. They can also be used as a camcorder, GPS navigator and laptop computer. Sometimes, however, cell phones can cause inconveniences. Cell phones can ring at the wrong time, or in the wrong place, for example. Someone in the audience may have their phone on during a performance. This would be a problem for both the performers as well as the audience. Some companies employ cell phone jammers to prevent smartphones from reaching their phones. A cellular jammer allows you to block a cell phone’s signal. Here are some ways to find a network jammer.

The first — the type of device

There are many types of cellular jammers depending on how they work and how they are designed.

  • These portable devices are compact in size and weigh less than 600g. They can be used within a range of between 10-20 meters. They can be disguised in household items such as a bag of cigarettes or a purse.
  • Stationary jammers can be powerful equipment that has a wide range of action, up to 100m. These jammers are equipped with 8-12 antennas. They can be used to suppress signals from all equipment. Large companies use them to prevent information leakage to their competitors.

The cellular jammer can provide reliable signal suppression at different frequencies

  • There are 3G and 4G mobile phone jammers. It can be used to hold personal meetings, or for important conferences. The organizers don’t want anyone to be distracted from extraneous calls.
  • Blockers that jam the signal at frequencies 1900, 900, and 2100MHz will enable you to eliminate spy surveillance. No hidden GSM camera will be able transmit information from the device.
  • GPS operates on frequencies 1575MHz and 1602MHz. These frequencies are used by drivers who wish to conceal the location of their vehicle, avoid unwanted control by their employer, or under illegal surveillance.
  • Wi-Fi jammer operates at 2100 MHz frequency. This device can disable hidden wireless cameras and eavesdropping equipment. It will block wireless keyboards, wireless mice, routers, and wireless mice from operating within its range. This will prevent anyone from connecting to the wireless Internet to illegally obtain information.

It is important to choose the right blocker system.

Second — size jammers

If you plan to take the jammer with you, you should pay attention to light and compact portable models. These jammers can be easily carried in your purse, car’s glove box, or your pocket.

Station jammers are the best option for large businesses. It is placed in a discreet place. It will secure business meetings. It will protect information.

Thread — Radius of Action

The maximum range of the portable jammer can be used is 5 meters. Multi-frequency expert jammers can jam signals up to 40 meters away. The device’s operation is affected by its content. The protective ball will be larger if this value is higher.

Fourth — frequency

You can use jammers to block certain frequencies. You can use most jammers to block GSM, DCS and 4G signals. If you need to jam 3G/4G and GPS, you can opt for a generic model.

Fifth — A type of battery

The mains power stationary models. The battery capacity determines the autonomy time of the suppressor in portable models. You should be aware that some mobile models can also operate in rechargeable mode.

The signal strength will improve the closer the jammer is from the device.

The most popular cellular jammers are small, portable and pocket-sized. These jammers can be carried in your pocket and block frequencies up to 10-15 meters away. There are also portable jammers of cellular networks that can block frequencies up to 20m away. The device has a built in battery that allows jamming signals for up to 3 hours without the need to recharge. Cell phone blocks only block certain frequency ranges. Other devices that are within range of the jammer won’t feel any effects and will continue to function as normal.

These jammers are used to protect personal information and conversations in small spaces, cars, or on roads. These jammers protect against hidden bugs, and other eavesdropping device. A cellular jammer can also be used to disable detonators activated by a phone call.

These blockers have become a problem for schools and universities in recent years. Students are forbidden from using their phones during exams.

The jammer operates silently and can be hidden in an office or anywhere else. It cannot interact with computers peripherals such as laptops, tablets or household appliances.

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