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The Ultimate Portable Energy Storage Power Supply for Outdoor Adventures : AP301 of myACT

Regarding portable energy storage power supply, myACT‘s AP301 is a dependable and adaptable option. For outdoor enthusiasts and travelers looking for a portable power source, the AP301 is the ideal companion thanks to its small size of 192*218*192mm and lightweight design of 4.8kg.

Portable, Versatile, and Reliable Power Supply

A dependable and adaptable energy storage power source is what the 300W portable power station, model number AP301, excels at offering. The AP301 makes sure customers always have access to electricity whether they are outdoors, whether they are hiking, camping, or participating in other outdoor activities.

Advanced Battery Protection and Digital Algorithms

The AP301 is designed with advanced battery management systems (BMS) and digital algorithms to protect its battery and optimize performance. These intelligent features monitor and regulate the charging and discharging processes, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the power station. With the AP301’s advanced battery protection mechanisms, you can confidently rely on it for a consistent and reliable power supply during users’ outdoor adventures.

Equipment for Various Applications

In addition to its primary function as a portable energy storage power supply, the AP301 can also serve as essential equipment for various applications. It can power equipment such as printing machines, chip mounters, reflow ovens, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) systems, and measuring instruments. This versatility makes the AP301 an invaluable asset for professionals in industries like manufacturing, electronics, and research, providing them with a portable power solution that meets their specific requirements.


Whether your clients are outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable power source for camping trips or professionals in need of a portable energy storage power supply for their equipment, the myACT’s AP301 is the ultimate solution.

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