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Revolutionizing Measurements: The Benewake Long Range Laser Distance Sensor

The Benewake TF350 embodies the pinnacle of long range laser distance sensing technology, offering a detection range that extends up to 350 meters. Designed for industrial applications, this sensor combines high-frequency operation with exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for a broad spectrum of uses from construction to environmental monitoring. Its ability to perform reliably in diverse conditions underscores its utility in professional settings.

Superior Environmental Adaptability

Equipped with algorithms that compensate for the effects of bright sunlight and adverse weather conditions, the TF350 ensures consistent performance regardless of environmental factors. This adaptability makes the TF350 an excellent choice for outdoor applications, where traditional sensors may falter. The sensor’s IP67 protection rating further guarantees its effectiveness by providing resistance to dust and water, enhancing its suitability for rugged environments.

Configurability for Customized Applications

The TF350 supports multiple types of interfaces and offers various user-configurable settings, which empower users to customize the sensor according to their specific requirements. Whether adjusting measurement frequencies, trigger modes, or other parameters, the TF350 provides the flexibility needed to fine-tune its performance to match the precise demands of different industrial scenarios.

Building on Cost-Effective Innovations

Benewake’s long range laser distance sensor is not only advanced in its technical capabilities but also offers significant advantages in terms of installation ease and overall cost-effectiveness. The TF350’s high integration and solid-state design contribute to reduced operational costs and minimal maintenance, making it a financially viable option for businesses looking to invest in top-tier sensing technology.


The Benewake TF350 long range laser distance sensor is a cutting-edge solution that sets a new benchmark in the field of distance measurement. With its robust design, adaptable features, and exceptional range, it is uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of modern industrial operations. As the demand for precise, reliable, and cost-effective measurement solutions grows, the TF350 is well-positioned to lead the market, providing indispensable benefits to industries worldwide.

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