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Ledia Lighting: Your Trusted Choice for Commercial LED Flood Lights

When it comes to illuminating large outdoor spaces with efficiency and precision, Ledia Lighting’s commercial LED flood lights offer a reliable and effective solution. Designed to provide exceptional lighting performance, their outdoor LED floodlights are perfect for commercial applications, ensuring optimal visibility and enhanced security. Let’s explore the advantages of Ledia Lighting‘s LED flood lights for commercial application and discover how they can transform your outdoor spaces.

Sleek and Versatile Design: The D Series Flood Light

Ledia Lighting’s D Series Flood Light combines superior performance with a sleek and slim design. With a thickness of only about 60mm, these LED floodlights for outdoor provide a compact and unobtrusive lighting solution for your commercial spaces. The D Series Flood Light offers various installation options, allowing for flexible placement to suit different application cases. Whether you need to illuminate a parking lot, sports field, or outdoor event venue, Ledia Lighting’s D Series Flood Light is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Precise Illumination: Exact Beam Angle Measurement

At Ledia Lighting, precision is key. Their commercial LED flood lights are equipped with scale marks located at the two sides of the holder, ensuring accurate beam angle measurement. This feature allows you to precisely adjust the lighting direction and focus, directing the light exactly where it is needed. Whether you require a wide flood or a more concentrated beam, Ledia Lighting’s commercial LED flood lights provide the flexibility and control to achieve the desired illumination for your outdoor spaces.


Ledia Lighting stands as your trusted partner for commercial LED flood lights that combine sleek design, precise illumination, and superior performance. With the D Series Flood Light, they offer a lighting solution that effortlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. Experience the power of precise beam angle adjustment with their exact measurement feature, ensuring optimal lighting coverage for your outdoor spaces. Choose Ledia Lighting and let your commercial spaces shine brightly with their exceptional LED flood lights.

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