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Learn About the Techking ETCRANE’s Durability and Efficiency.

For reliable and cost-effective long-distance crane applications, Techking‘s crane tire are the perfect solution. They introduce the ETCRANE tire, specifically designed for cranes.These superior tires are designed with advanced features and top-quality materials to provide exceptional performance and durability, making them the go-to choice for demanding crane operations.

Adapt to the Strong Mass of Rough Ground

With an innovative twisting method, it achieves a 10% increase in durability, reducing the risk of downtime and costly repairs. The tire’s reinforced construction and high-quality materials extend its service life, enhancing cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the ETCRANE tire boasts a remarkable 36% improvement in impact resistance, ensuring resilience in demanding worksites. This feature not only increases tire longevity but also improves safety by minimizing the chance of tire failure during critical operations.

Reinforced Steel Cord

Techking has made significant advancements in the strength of the ETCRANE tire by achieving a 5% improvement in the strength of its single steel cord. This reinforcement contributes to the tire’s overall structural integrity, allowing it to handle heavier loads and maintain stability during lifting and carrying operations. The reinforced steel cord enhances the tire’s load-carrying capacity, making it a reliable choice for cranes that handle substantial weights.


Techking’s ETCRANE tire stands as a testament to the tire manufacturer’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Crane operators can rely on the ETCRANE tire’s ability to withstand challenging environments, improve stability, and deliver reliable performance throughout its service life. By choosing Techking’s ETCRANE tire, operators can elevate their crane operations to new heights of productivity, efficiency, and safety.

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