How to Calculate How Many Days Haven’t Returned? How to Use?

The problem has not returned for many days How to make statistics and how to use them is always the concern of many lottery players. Understanding this, players will have a more suitable way to raise bets and invest. To know more about this method, please join  New88today.com to learn more details in the following article.

Instructions on how many days the problem has not returned

If you have ever played the lottery, you will probably know that short numbers are special numbers that have not appeared on the lottery results table for a long time.

Besides the questionThe problem has not returned for many days Lottery players also care about how long it takes to reach the beginning of the lottery, and how many days it takes to reach the end of the lottery. Nowadays, doing statistics is quite simple because you have many tools that can be done quickly with just a few commands and mouse clicks.

Beginners may have a bit of difficulty understanding short circuit statistics. However, if you grasp some of the secrets below, you can easily predict accurately.

Direction tDouble convolution statistics using maximum liver

Many experts often use double digits to find good numbers and bet big today. If you can find statistical tables for Northern lottery numbers on reputable websites, you will find out whether the certificate has arrived yet. If numbers like 22, 33, 66… ​​have not returned for more than 200 days, special attention must be paid.

Experienced experts say that if there are signsDHow many days have you not returned?The special number will come back within 5 days no matter how much it is calculated. Therefore, during the analysis process, you need to learn about the signs of liver contusion for 5 days.

Calculating a reasonable amount of capital for a specific time is based on statisticsThe problem has not returned for many days. If you don’t come back within 5 days, you can raise for 2 more days to increase your chances of winning.

Statistics show how many days it hasn’t returned, max liver

Having the lottery number not returned for 9 consecutive lottery periods is extremely rare. Therefore, you can use touch or raise the frame in this period, then the statistics will be 9 periods.

Know How does the problem come about?

Anyone can rely on lottery statistics to increase their chances of winning if they identify them from the beginning. Below are some signs to recognize when the problem is about for newbies to refer to.

Through special prize

Everyone wants to conquer the special prize to have more chances to win big in the lottery. If you see a series of special prize numbers with 2 identical numbers, the double combination will definitely return within 7 days. At this time, no matter how many days you bet on the lottery, you still have a very high winning rate.

Statistics on how many days the test has not returned, according to the beginning of mute and the tail of mute

If you want to use double convolution, please review the previous period’s results table to see if there are any silent numbers. After looking at the results table of the previous 2 periods and discovering that the double of that number has not returned, use the double number to bet.

At this point, you will receive the results within the next 2 days without knowing itThe problem has not returned for many days. Be persistent in farming for 2 – 3 days, your chance of winning can be up to 80%.
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Analysis based on the results of the special prize on day 2

If you use this method, you just need to take the results of the special prize on the first Monday of the week and then use the double lottery to bet on the days of the week.

You can rely on statistics The problem has not returned for many days, bet on the maximum number of bets to predict the number that may come in the day. Experienced people often raise frames within 7 days to have many opportunities to receive rewards.

Note when playing Big wins from experts

After statisticsThe problem has not returned for many days, you can start finding good numbers and farming them. However, you can refer to how to use it to win.

  • Before raising, you must know that there are many forms of lottery and the return time will not be fixed. You need to regularly monitor statistics to choose lucky numbers with a high winning rate.
  • If you want to invest in shrimp farming, you must have strong capital. You must maintain until you win so you can recover your capital and make a profit.


Above is the knowledge to analyze and answer questionsHow many days has it been? about. If you understand this issue, you will easily be able to analyze the game and have appropriate solutions when playing lottery. If you have any questions during use, please contact  New88 for more detailed information.

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