How much does 2 skewers eat? Experience in Standard 2nd Oblique Prediction

How much does 2 skewers eat? This is information that many players need to learn carefully before placing bets. Below this article,  Okvip will update you with useful knowledge about lottery, ensuring you will better understand the above question. At the same time, share some tips for playing effectively with members.
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How is oblique 2 understood?

Before learning more about how much 2 skewers eat, you need to clearly understand this term. Double parlay refers to the player making bets on 2 lottery numbers at the same time. Thus, if one of the two pairs of numbers does not win, the player will not receive a prize.

The advantage of this way of playing is that it helps betting participants get higher rewards. However, the odds of winning will be lower than if you bet on a single number. In addition to skewer 2, you can also see ways to play skewer 3, skewer 4, skewer 5,…

How much does 2 skewers eat?

Many players do not know how much a 2-skewer wins, so in the information below we will help you update the value in detail for each region.

Skewers 2 Northern regions

For 2-way lottery in the Northern region, the reward ratio will be 1 to 10. So when you bet 10,000 VND, if you win the lottery, the reward you receive will be 100,000 VND. In bookies, the reward will range from 10 to 17 times higher than the original bet value.

Skewers 2 Central regions

As for the question of how much is a 2-way lotto in the Central region, the main answer is 1 to 23. For some bookmakers, the bonus number can fluctuate as high as 1 to 30.

Skewers 2 Southern regions

In the Southern region, many people are interested in how much to win on 2-way lottery. Similar to the Central region, the reward value you can receive will be 1:650. The convention of 1 point of the traditional Southern lottery will be 29,000 VND. So if you bet 1 point, you will receive a bonus value of 650,000 VND.

For bookmakers, the bonus in the Southern region often fluctuates at 1 to 27. So if you bet with 10,000 VND, the reward you get is 270,000 VND.

It can be seen that calculating how much a skewer can eat is not too difficult. Players just need to make sure they clearly understand the odds of each area to come up with an effective playing strategy.

Things to note when playing parlays with 2 rookies need to be clear

In the process of hunting for prizes with the 2nd parlay, in addition to clearly understanding how much the 2nd parlay wins, you must pay attention to a few things below.

Choose a reputable betting spot

If players want to participate in the 2nd parlay prize hunt online, you need to find a highly reputable location. Featured as  Okvip Providing top quality lottery products for members to experience.

If you do not choose a safe place to play, you will be at risk of falling into unfortunate risks when entertaining. Typically, losing bets or bad actors taking advantage of information for improper purposes.

Know how to exploit good predictions

Once you know how much the 2nd lotteries win, you can see that their prize distribution is quite impressive. Therefore, try to learn good prediction formulas, ensuring you capture the opportunity to earn the most impressive rewards.

In today’s forums, there are many different knowledge being shared. Please pay attention to finding and learning the method that truly suits you. Prominent among them are silver lottery, lottery numbers, combination prizes, total numbers, etc. In particular, you can combine them during the prediction process to achieve the best results.

Adjust betting capital appropriately

Players should also pay attention to their own betting capital accordingly. When you don’t have enough experience, you should just start with a low value. After improving your skills and experience, you can place bets at larger values. This is one of the ways to play that will help you ensure safety with maximum betting capital.

Don’t forget to withdraw prizes regularly so that you don’t fall into a situation where you bet too much. If you lose, you still have a certain value in your account, which can be used to remove capital in the next play.


We have shared the exact answer to the question of how much 2 skewers cost in the article. Hopefully you will grasp the details and give yourself the most effective playing strategy in the future. Don’t forget to continue coming to our forum to be updated with more useful knowledge.

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