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Hermetix: The Best Option in the Hermetic Packaging Market

Hermetix is a Shanghai-based hermetic package distributor. Our staff has approximately decades of expertise designing and manufacturing metal packages, so we know every production stage and inspection standard to ensure the best quality and performance of our products. Technology and the requirement for reliable, high-performance components across sectors have propelled growth in the hermetic packaging market.

Hermetic Packaging Market Insights

To stay ahead of the competition and meet the hermetic packaging market criteria, firms must work with a trustworthy hermetic packaging supplier.

Hermetix: The Best Hermetic Packaging

Our long-standing relationships with major domestic manufacturers allow us to identify the best manufacturer for each project and deliver cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our in-house engineers provide timely and personalized service for customized projects and access to a large portfolio of open tooling items. Hermetix offers high-quality, affordable hermetic packaging and excellent customer service.

Hermetix’s Hermetic Packaging Options

  1. Opto-Electronic Packages: We offer high-performance and reliable opto-electronic packaging solutions based on our expertise in kovar packages.

2.TO Headers: Our TO headers fulfill the demanding standards of diverse sectors, protecting and optimizing your products.

3.Gold-Tin Lid Series: For hermetic and durable applications, our gold-tin lid series has superior sealing properties.

4.Ceramic Packages: Our wide product line includes ceramic packages for applications that require strong heat conductivity and temperature stability.


Hermetix offers the best option in the hermetic packaging market thanks to its decades of expertise and high quality products. Their wide product line includes opto-electronic packages, TO headers, gold-tin lid series, and ceramic packages that help with temperature stability and heat conductivity. With their individualized customer service, cost-effective solutions and access to a large portfolio of open tooling items they provide an unbeatable level of support in the ever-changing hermetic packaging industry.

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