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Funingpu – Your Partner for High-Quality Edible Gelatin Solutions

Funingpu, a leading collagen peptide and gelatin manufacturer, is your trusted partner for high-quality edible gelatin solutions. With over 30 years of experience and a strong emphasis on quality, honesty, innovation, and collaboration, Funingpu stands out as a reliable edible gelatin supplier. Their commitment to continuous improvement and new product development sets them apart in the industry.

Funingpu - Your Partner for High-Quality Edible Gelatin Solutions

Superior Production Process

Funingpu’s gelatin factory is equipped with international leading professional equipment, ensuring the highest standards of production. With a 15,000 t/y gelatin production line and a 3,000 t/y collagen peptide production line, Funingpu has the capacity to meet the demands of various industries. Their production process is fully enclosed and features automatic precision control, guaranteeing consistent and safe gelatin products.

Environmental Responsibility

Funingpu recognizes the importance of environmental management and sustainable development. They invest in environmentally friendly facilities, implement clean production practices, and strive to save energy and reduce consumption. As an edible gelatin supplier, Funingpu is committed to minimizing their environmental impact and contributing to a greener future.

Versatile Applications

Funingpu’s high-quality gelatin products have diverse applications across industries. From food and pharmaceuticals to health and nutrition, their gelatin powder is versatile and reliable. Funingpu’s gelatin finds use in confectionery, dairy, desserts, meat products, alcoholic beverages, soft gels, microcapsules, functional gummies, and more. Whatever your formulation needs, Funingpu has the right gelatin solution for you.


Funingpu’s dedication to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility makes them the ideal partner for your edible gelatin requirements. With their superior production process, commitment to sustainability, and versatile gelatin applications, Funingpu stands out as a trusted supplier in the industry. Choose Funingpu as your partner for high-quality edible gelatin solutions and experience the difference in product excellence and customer service.

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