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Experience Comfort and Convenience with Horow Smart Toilets

In the quest for an updated and luxurious bathroom experience, the popularity of intelligent toilets has soared. Horow, a prominent brand in this sector, distinguishes itself through a lineup of inventive and user-centric smart toilets. Notably, the Horow T20 epitomizes a perfect blend of comfort and convenience, showcasing the brand’s commitment to enhancing the modern bathroom experience through innovative design and advanced features. Elevate your daily routine with Horow smart toilets.

Adjustable Heated Seat

The Horow T20 comes with an adjustable heated seat, allowing users to customize their comfort. The four-level adjustable temperature ensures a warm and cozy seating experience, especially during cold weather. The seat warms up upon sitting and enters an energy-saving mode when not in use, making it both comfortable and energy-efficient.

Pre-Wet Feature

One of the standout features of the Horow smart toilet is its pre-wet feature. This feature enhances thorough flushing by automatically releasing a stream of water that forms a film on the inner surface of the bowl when seated. This not only improves the cleaning process but also contributes to maintaining the hygiene of the toilet bowl.


In the realm of smart toilets, Horow is a brand that prioritizes user comfort and convenience. Their products, such as the Horow T20, offer features like an adjustable heated seat and a pre-wet feature that enhance the user experience. By choosing a Horow smart toilet, you are investing in a bathroom fixture that combines innovation, comfort, and convenience. Experience the future of bathroom comfort with Horow.

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