European Odds – The Most Accurate Way to Read and Catch Bets in 2023

European Odds is one of the genres with simple but dramatic gameplay. So what are the characteristics of this bet? How can new players play this bet effectively? Let’s see the article of New88 To get the exact answer, please!
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Concept and characteristics of European Handicap

On the betting tables of online entertainment bookmakers,European oddsis denoted 1×2. Players will rely on the odds of this bet to determine which team is strong or weak. When betting, there will be a total of 3 betting options including win, lose and draw.

Characteristics ofEuropean Odds It has simple rules but a very high winning rate. Therefore, this type of bet is often loved by many bettors. However, the participation process should also be calculated and considered carefully. Besides luck, betting will also require players to have understanding.

Because in some bookmakers, this bet is created with the purpose of misleading players’ attention. That is also the reason why experts often advise that players who want to win need to understand how to read odds.

 New88 shares how to read European odds correctly

In soccer betting,European odds is always a name mentioned a lot by players. At the bookies New88 This is also the most popular type of bet and has the largest number of bettors. So what is the correct way to read this type of bet?

LIVEEuropean odds, all information and data will be placed in column form by the house. The team written above will usually be the home team because it possesses many advantages. The team written below will be the away team, also known as the home team. In the betting table, the team that is rated higher will be highlighted in red. Of course, this team’s win rate will always be much higher than the other team’s.

Below are some typical symbols of this type of bet for players to learn:

  • “1” – Symbol representing the home team winning
  • “X” – Symbol represents a draw. Betting X means the player chooses the match to end in a draw.
  • “2” – Symbol representing the winning away team
  • 1×2 – This bet will be counted until the end of the match
  • 1×2 – This bet only counts the result in the half

Effective European betting and things to remember

Although this is an easy bet to play, not everyone who participates will win. Below are important things that players need to remember if they want to catchEuropean odds effective:

Find out all information carefully before placing a bet

This is one of the extremely necessary things to do before players place betsEuropean odds. In fact, finding out information about the match will include:

  • Statistics on achievements and most recent confrontation history of the two teams
  • Find out the general performance of the team and each member
  • Know the time and location of the match to know the distance traveled by the team. Because in reality, travel and time zone differences also greatly affect the physical fitness of the players.
  • Statistics of the previous betting odds of the two teams to have a suitable basis for money

Place European handicap bets 3 – 5 days in advance

If you want to be sure of winning, don’t wait until the day before placing your bet. Because at this time the odds table will have a lot of fluctuations and it will be difficult to predict accurately. This will greatly reduce the player’s probability of winning. Therefore, players should find out information and bet on the match 3-5 days before. This will be the timeEuropean odds Stable and the player’s psychology is most comfortable.
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Don’t go all-in when making European bets

Although it is considered one of the types of bets with extremely high winning rates. However, players should not bet all-out when participatingEuropean odds. This is a principle that must always be remembered to preserve capital. As well as helping players participate in betting and experience more.

According to experts, the best way is for players to divide their bets into small pieces and then place bets on multiple doors. Especially if you are a new player, you should master this secret. Because this will help players accumulate more experience. In addition, you can also maximize your winning rate and recover somewhat if you accidentally lose a bet.


Above is all the important information about soccer bettingEuropean odds. Hopefully this will be useful information for new bettors participating in entertainment at the house New88. Wishing you many wins and avoiding unwanted risks when betting.

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