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Elevate Your Viewing Experience with NPC TV’s Mini LED WebOS TV

Introducing the Mini LED WebOS TV from NPC, a QLED smart TV that brings a visual feast right to your living room. With its exceptional features and cutting-edge technology, NPC TV takes your viewing experience to new heights.

Immerse Yourself in Stunning Visuals

Experience the advantages of Mini LED technology in NPC TVs. The Micron dot matrix controlled light ensures enhanced picture quality, providing crystal-clear visuals with rich detail. With high peak brightness and a wide color gamut, every scene comes to life, offering an immersive viewing experience that will leave you captivated.

Seamless Connectivity and User-Friendly Interface

The WebOS TV platform offers seamless integration, making it effortless to connect your NPC TV to various devices and streaming services. Whether you want to stream content from your smartphone or access popular apps like NETFLIX, YouTube, Prime Video, or Rakuten TV, NPC TV makes it simple. The user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation through different apps and settings, giving you complete control over your entertainment.

Unleash the Power of Audio

NPC TV understands the importance of high-quality sound in enhancing your overall viewing experience. With Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos support, these TVs deliver immersive audio that surrounds you with detailed soundscapes. From crisp dialogue to thundering sound effects, every moment becomes more engaging and realistic. Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music with exceptional audio quality that complements the stunning visuals.


Upgrade your home entertainment with NPC Mini LED WebOS TV and indulge in stunning visuals and immersive audio. Explore the advanced features and specifications offered by NPC TVs to create your own cinematic experience within your budget. NPC is committed to providing high resolution TVs that deliver exceptional performance, ensuring that you enjoy every moment of your viewing experience. Choose NPC TV and elevate your entertainment to a whole new level.

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