Advantages of self-publishing a book

More and more authors are deciding to do without a traditional publisher or a paid self-publishing publisher to embark on true self-publishing. But where to start self-publishing a book? And most importantly, what are the advantages of self-publishing a book compared to doing it with an old-fashioned publisher? We want to familiarize you with the phenomenon of self-publishing so that you can jump into the pool once and for all. And we assure you that you will not regret it.

The advantages of the self-publishing revolution

In the book The Self-Publishing Revolution, three premises are established that self-publishing systems comply with, which the author calls the three Ds.

  1. Democratization. Anyone with a computer and a word processor can publish a book, and anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone can read a book.
  2. Determination. Authors can determine the success of their books, and readers can determine the quality of what they read. There is no one else to blame for a bad publishing experience.
  3. Disintermediation. Entities that do not add value fail. The distribution of books from authors to readers is more direct, immediate and cheaper than ever.

These premises facilitate the dream of any writer: absolute power of decision and action over their books, distribution platforms, sales price and, above all, free creativity. In this way, who wouldn’t want to fulfill the dream of writing a book and making it reach others?

Be careful, with this we do not mean that anyone can be a writer. The writer writes out of vocation, out of necessity, because that is the only way he finds meaning in his existence. But the fact of being able to bring writing to everyone who has something interesting to share with the rest of humanity without having to have the title of “Ghost story writers” is something that has only been achieved thanks to the appearance of self-writing platforms. -publication as My bestseller.

There is no doubt that the self-publishing of books in digital format and their sale through the Internet has revolutionized the publishing industry. Therefore, we tell you some of the advantages of this phenomenon.

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Advantages of self-publishing your book

1. You control your work

Of all the advantages of self-publishing a book, our favorite has to do with the author having an unprecedented level of control over their work. That is, he can establish his own positioning strategies, price, etc. In addition to accessing your sales data updated daily and receiving royalty benefits every month.

This facilitates the publication of many works that were being discontinued due to the filter of traditional publishers who are responsible for establishing whether a work is good enough to be published or not. Self-publishing opens a space in which the power of decision is given to the general public, to the reader themselves.

2. You invest as much as you want

Gone are the days when authors spent considerable sums of money to self-publish, in addition to purchasing mass copies of their title and finding a place to store them. With self-publishing, the price is up to the author. Additionally, at Writers of USA we use the print-on-demand system.

This makes it possible for the author, through different distribution channels, to have a book printed only when an order has been placed and for it to be available for purchase worldwide in a matter of hours, thus avoiding storage costs.

3. You don’t have to wait

Submitting your manuscript to conventional publishers is a long process in which you will have to wait. Normally, a book in a publishing house takes 1 to 3 years to be published due to the costs, schedules and times of the publishing label. If you choose to self-publish the book yourself, that time is reduced to zero. In a very short time frame, your work can already be printed and in the physical and digital distribution channels that you choose or the publisher offers you.  Take a look at the different channels where you can put your book for sale with Writers of USA.

4. Royalties of up to 60%

Another advantage of self-publishing is the profit you make per book, of course. In a traditional publishing house, although it normally does not cost you money to publish the book, the royalties you get from its sales are 5% – 10% (sometimes much less) and you receive them semiannually or annually. That is, you have to sell a lot of books to make a “decent” profit. If you decide to self-publish, the profits you generate from the sale of your book are much greater. At Writers of USA, the main advantage of this method is that the profit margin you will obtain is the highest, since you operate without an intermediary. We keep a portion of the sale price, and then we pay you the royalties (which you can calculate in advance) to your bank account. This means there is no risk, no discomfort, and no initial investment on your part. If you don’t sell any books, you don’t lose money, and if you sell books, you just sit back and collect your profits!

5. Rise to fame

If you dream of being a recognized author, being successful and devoting yourself only to writing books while smoking a pipe in your enormous mansion with sea views, you should know that today large publishers pay close attention to the evaluations that self-published manuscripts receive from of the users. Therefore, self-publishing can be the first step towards getting signed by a large lyricist for hire.

Furthermore, self-publishing allows you to meet great authors who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to succeed. It is one more result of the revolution in communication technologies in which a profound transformation has had to be carried out very quickly to adapt to the new needs of readers, who increasingly demand newer, more economical things. and easy to read on your devices.

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